What’s the point of Points?

The other day in an idle moment I posted my first review on TripAdvisor.  Almost immediately I had an excited email (by which I mean lots of !!!) telling me I had points, and encouraging me to add another review.  Which I did, and each time sure enough there was another email adding to my points, and to my status as a reviewer.  Well I didn’t do it for the points, but even so I was intrigued.  The emails say nothing about what the points are for, so I Googled.  And it turns out they are just to encourage you to write more reviews and also I guess to give TripAdvisor an excuse to email you.  They have no value or meaning, they are entirely pointless points.

I think it’s entirely possible that TripAdvisor have shot themselves in the foot with this one, creating exactly the opposite effect to the one intended.  For me the whole thing is so irritating I am unlikely to post any more reviews.  What about you, are you keen on pointless points?

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