Book Review: “Pavarotti and Pancakes” by Francesco Granieri

Interesting book review.

Dan Santos’ Take

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

“Pavarotti and Pancakes” is easily the best memoir I have read in the past ten years, Colin Powell’s and Tiger Woods’ included. It has the authenticity that makes a memoir respectable; a deep from the heart cry in the dark, if you will. Francesco’s writing enthralls; the style is compelling and reminiscent of the fireside storytelling tradition of Southern Europe. He certainly follows Hemingway’s advice to write hard and clear about what hurts.

The scene is familiar to those of us who share a Mediterranean heritage: strong emotions, a sense of family doom around each corner, intense loyalty and unrecognized courage. Put all of these together with the author’s incredible writing skills and you have a winner deserving The New York Times’ unparalleled praise and film makers rushing to buy the rights for what must be an Oscar winning…

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